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BBC FTP Server Hacked by a Russian Hacker

31. December 2013 12:24 by CA in Hack

A BBC FTP server was compromised by a Russian hacker and access to it touted online, say computer security researchers.

The hacker behind the attack on the internet-facing file store tried to sell access to the infiltrated system to other criminals on Christmas Day. Hold Security spotted someone trying to sell access to, according to Reuters.


The hacked service was used by reporters to file material from the field, and by advertisers to upload video to BBC Worldwide channels. The invaded computer was cleaned up over the weekend. More...

Ramnit Malware

30. September 2013 10:55 by CA in Malware

The Ramnit worm appeared in 2010. Within a year more than eight million PCs were infected worldwide. Initially the malware was just file infector spread by removable drives. Later it became better known for stealing user data via browser injection, targeting banking or game users.


Ramnit is still prevalent and old domains are regularly updated. Some of the domains have already been “sinkholed” (redirected to communicate only with a controlled server and not with its malicious developers) by other security researchers.