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Facebook Graph Search – An entry to your past & present

2. October 2013 09:27 by CA in Privacy Leak

Stalkers and advertisers will be pleased to know that Facebook is now more searchable than it has ever been, after the social network confirmed that it was in the process of allowing users to dig much deeper into a "friend's" past posts.


What’s everyone saying out there? What about just my friends? What do my old photo comments say about me? A trillion posts full of this info start getting unlocked as Facebook begins rolling out Graph Search for posts to a small subset of US English users. It will allow us to see what the world thinks of anything, but could also dredge up the past, defeating ‘privacy by obscurity’.


When Facebook launched Graph Search in January, it started with indexing people, photos, places, and interests. It let you find people based on certain characteristics, browse specific sets of photos, find local businesses, and discover media and brands your friends enjoy. Today, almost anything you post is accessible via Graph Search including status updates, comments on anything, photo captions, Notes, and check-ins.