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1 Million Android Malicious Apps & Malwares in the wild

2. October 2013 19:50 by CA in Malware, Trojan

In a blog post, Trend Micro's Gelo Abendan says that in 2012, over 700,000 malware and high-risk apps were found online. Due to Google's Android operating system expansion and popularity, the firm predicted that this number would reach the one million mark in 2013 as hackers sought to cash-in on Android and mobile devices.


The security firm's researchers say that this prediction has now come to pass. According to Trend Micro Mobile App Reputation Service feedback, there are now over one million malware and high-risk applications in the wild. While mobile malware includes premium service abusers and risky apps may push advertisements that lead to dubious sites or replicate popular, legitimate apps in order to steal data or financial information, 75 percent of the examples found performed "outright malicious routines," while 25 percent "exhibit dubious routines," which include adware.


KINS – A New bank-account-raiding Trojan Toolkit

26. July 2013 15:34 by CA in Hack, Malware, Trojan

KINS, a new professional-grade Trojan toolkit is certain to pose plenty of problems for banks and their customers in the months and years ahead.


KINS infects Windows PCs at a very low level and snoops on victims' online banking to drain their accounts. KINS promises the ease of use of nasty ZeuS combined with the technical support offered by the team behind Citadel.


KINS is designed to spread using popular exploit packs such as Neutrino. KINS is capable of easily infecting machines running Windows 8 and other x64 operating systems, and features technology to embed itself in computers so that it's activated almost as soon as the machines are powered on - this makes infections both more stealthy and harder to eradicate.